Business Services

Business service covers many aspects that are required for business success. A combination of these services enable a business to maximise their results. Our business process involves conducting an analysis of the business to determine what changes or support the business needs to achieve its goals.

Our initial discussion is free of charge. The business process is as follows;

1.Initial discussion to determine how we work together and on what basis

2. Complete a questionnaire to determine the starting point for business improvement.

3. Discussion outlining the required action prior to making a decision to proceed

4. Get buy in from others as needed and allocate tasks

5. Implementation of actions

6. Regular checks to ensure the process is working



Our consulting process covers the following areas. This usually a follow on from the above initial discussions. It will be performed by using our profit strategy analysis and software.it It generally leads to the following topics.

Business Plans – having a vision for the future is important when building your success. The plan is the guide for the business direction. Whilst most have an idea of where they want to go, they sometimes need clarification to formulate the vision

  • Planning assists in the decision making process.

  • Control requires accurate records.

  • Knowing where you are going provides motivation.

  • An objective is only a statement of “how much will be achieved by when”.

  • Action plans actually state who will do what action to achieve the objective.

  • Periodic reviews are easily conducted as the action plans act as a list of actions against which behaviour can be measured.

  • Benefits of Planning

                 1. Improved management performance

                 2. Commitment

                 3. Performance improves

                 4. Agreement on what will be done by who

                 5. Improved coordination and teamwork

                 6. Improved control

                 7. Improved relationships

Strategic Action Plans – Whilst the business plan provides the vision, the action plan provides the how to and puts in place the strategies to achieve the daily goals that lead to the business vision. It will detail who will do what by when or how often.

Job Descriptions – These lead from the business vision and strructure. They define the daily responsibilities of each position that collectively achieve the goals.

Staff appraisals – Staff appraisals are conducted as an employee development mechanism to ensure that each job is being conducted as per the plan

Goal setting – Goal setting for individuals is very important in providing the direction for the individual. It assists with personal decision making

Activity analysis – Activity analysis ensures that the correct activity is being performed. This can be measured in the form of ratios to determine the result. As the activity is corrected the percentage achievement is measured to ensure that the development is taking the right form

Key performance measurement – KPI is critical as a measure that the business is on track toward its predetermined goals or objectives. Reports must be produced on a regular basis and checked to ensure the business is heading towards its vision.

SWOT analysis facilitation – is a method of analysing the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of the business. Such analysis can lead to deciding the most important aspect of the business that need working on. It can also be performed on an individual or one department within the business. It is a very simple but very effective process.

Meeting facilitation – The benefit of meeting facilitation or chairing is that we can keep the meeting on track and following an agenda to ensure that all points are covered and the facilitator si normally not emotionally involved which enables better control of the discussion.

Mentoring – Working along side people on a regular basis assists with pinpointing any specific individual needs and usually the mentor and employee build a strong relationship that should enhance the performance.

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